Rosary Catholic Primary School

Rosary Catholic Primary School
Rosary Catholic Primary School

“Very exciting... you have fun here!”
- Alejandro

“We respect each other like a family”
- Megan

“Coming here will give you a good education is an amazing school”
- Charlotte

“The Rosary School is a fantastic place... It's a peaceful paradise for learning”
- Laurance

“When I joined in Y1 everyone was accepting and made me feel welcome”
- Abraham

“I don't want to leave because of the great memories I have made here”
- Hannah

“Everyone treats each other like an equal”
- Grace

“We are like one big family, who achieve the best!”
- Toby

“ achieve high levels and get lots of support”
- Findlay

Life at Rosary Catholic Primary School Life at Rosary Catholic Primary School Life at Rosary Catholic Primary School


The Rosary School was inspected by Ofsted on 28th and 29th June 2017. The school was judged to be GOOD in all areas.  

Summary of key findings for parents and pupils

  • Since the previous inspection, leaders have taken effective steps to improve teaching. These are strongly improving the standards pupils reach by the time they leave the school.
  • Leadership is well distributed. There is an effective team of senior and middle leaders to drive improvement and build capacity.
  • Leaders’ strategies and actions for improving the outcomes of individual pupils are precise and well managed. These enable pupils to make strong progress in reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Leaders check the quality of teaching and learning robustly. As a result, they have an accurate view of the school which they use to challenge staff and drive improvements.
  • Leaders, including governors, are ambitious for the pupils. They are relentless in trying strategies and ideas to improve the school for the pupils.
  • Governors know the school well and hold leaders firmly to account. They use a range of strategies to check the work of the school and take effective action to tackle weaknesses.
  • Leaders ensure that there is a broad and balanced curriculum which motivates the pupils. However, pupils do not have enough opportunities to deepen subject-specific skills, for example in science and history.
  • The quality of teaching is strong and improving. However, teachers do not consistently check pupils’ basic spelling, punctuation, grammar and handwriting, which slows the progress for some pupils.
  • Teachers and teaching assistants have good subject knowledge which they use to challenge and support pupils in lessons. However, there are not enough high-quality opportunities for pupils to apply their skills and understanding through problem-solving and reasoning in mathematics.
  • Pupils enjoy school and feel safe. They take responsibility for their behaviour, which promotes a welcoming and inclusive ethos.
  • Staff know the pupils well, including those who have complex needs. There are effective strategies in place to provide high-quality care, support and guidance to support them.

You can read the full report here 

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Parent View is a questionnaire developed by Ofsted which gives parents and carers the opportunity to give their views about their child's school at any time of year.

Parent View asks for your opinion on 12 aspects of the school from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour.  By sharing your views, both positive and negative, you will be helping us to know what we are doing well and what needs to be improved.  You will also be able to see what other parents and carers have said about the school.

To access the questionnaire, you can either click on the link below or on the Parent View icon above:

I would encourage all parents and carers to take a few minutes to complete this valuable questionnaire.

- Mrs Rosy Savory, Headteacher


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