Rosary Catholic Primary School

Rosary Catholic Primary School
Rosary Catholic Primary School

“Very exciting... you have fun here!”
- Alejandro

“We respect each other like a family”
- Megan

“Coming here will give you a good education is an amazing school”
- Charlotte

“The Rosary School is a fantastic place... It's a peaceful paradise for learning”
- Laurance

“When I joined in Y1 everyone was accepting and made me feel welcome”
- Abraham

“I don't want to leave because of the great memories I have made here”
- Hannah

“Everyone treats each other like an equal”
- Grace

“We are like one big family, who achieve the best!”
- Toby

“ achieve high levels and get lots of support”
- Findlay

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Year 1

It has been brought to our attention that Gloucestershire Live have printed an article about the school on their website regarding the 'partial closure' of the school. The information in the article is both slightly inaccurate and possibly misleading. We are sorry if it has caused alarm to anyone in the school community.

It is true that the Year 1 class were asked to self-isolate for 3 days this week. This  decision was taken following the news of a positive test result for a Year 1 pupil. This situation was complicated by the fact that the child  was only tested after being selected at random for a Covid-19 test, as part of the government's research into the prevalence of Covid-19 amongst the general population. The test was taken on 24th September, but was not collected by courier to be processed until 2nd October. The parent was informed of the positive result on 6th October and passed this on to the school. The delay in processing the test (which should usually be within 48 hours), meant that the result was not known until after the day the child would have been back in school had the usual isolation period been observed (10 days after the test). The other children in Year 1 and staff contacts would have had to self-isolate for 14 days, which would have been up to 9th October. Although, a little late in the day, the decision was made to ask the Year 1 children and staff contacts to self-isolate up to this date. They should all be back in school on Monday 12th October. Mrs Savory sought and followed advice from Public Health England on this rather unusual situation. 

It is really important, if children have symptoms, that they are tested and that we are all mindful that some people could show no symptoms, but still test positive. This is why in school, the children are kept in their class bubbles, so there is no need for other children to self-isolate, if a positive test result is reported, other than  siblings of suspected or confirmed cases. It is also a reminder for everyone to follow the simple rules to keep us all safe:

Wash your HANDS for more than 20 seconds

Cover your FACE in enclosed public spaces (and don't touch it!)

Leave SPACE between yourselves and other people not in your 'bubble'

 Hopefully, parents are reassured by this information. If you have any concerns, please email Mrs Savory over the weekend or call the school on Monday.