Rosary Catholic Primary School

Rosary Catholic Primary School
Rosary Catholic Primary School

“Very exciting... you have fun here!”
- Alejandro

“We respect each other like a family”
- Megan

“Coming here will give you a good education is an amazing school”
- Charlotte

“The Rosary School is a fantastic place... It's a peaceful paradise for learning”
- Laurance

“When I joined in Y1 everyone was accepting and made me feel welcome”
- Abraham

“I don't want to leave because of the great memories I have made here”
- Hannah

“Everyone treats each other like an equal”
- Grace

“We are like one big family, who achieve the best!”
- Toby

“ achieve high levels and get lots of support”
- Findlay

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Welcome to Year 3!

Teacher:  Miss Maggs
Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Wilson     
PPA Teacher: Mrs Liber (Thursday Afternoon)


To read a parents' guide to the National Curriculum click here 

Stone Age Adventure! 

This term our topic is all about living in the Stone Age. In History we will be focusing on the changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age using a range of artefacts and sources, including a trip to Stonehenge in February!
Stone Age Adventure Topic Web

Home Learning

Year 3's homework is to practice spellings, times tables and reading, including comprehension. Reading books will be available to change on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and should be signed  throughout the week to show they have read at least 4 times, this can be any book they read, not just the book they have chosen from the schools reading scheme. This is stated in the children's reading records:

'Every-day or regular homework is where the children practise a skill or task which requires regular practice; for example, reading, learning key-ring words and/or spellings, and times-tables. This is expected to be done at least 4 times a week. This is to be signed by parents in the home learning book. Class sanctions and rewards are in place to actively encourage this, as the best readers read at home.'

There will also be a variety of different projects based around our topic which the children can choose to get involved in if they wish too. These projects can be handed in once they are completed as some projects may take longer than others to complete.

Stone Age Adventure Projects


The read, write inc spellings are tested every Tuesday morning. Rainbow spellings are tested on Friday afternoon. If they get all of the same starred colour correct they move up a colour. All the rainbow spellings are in the children's reading records and I have also sent home the list of rainbow spellings for the children to keep at home.



During the Autumn term year 3 have written a recount,  work on fables, written a familiar story, created our own newspaper reports and written a persuasive letter to Santa!

We will be continuing with spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) work linked to GIMME 3. This includes punctuation, conjunctions and adverbials. Children are encouraged to think about these elements in each piece of writing they do across the curriculum.



We have done our units on place value, addition and subtraction and exploring money. At the start of Spring term we will be focusing on multiplication and division.

I have provided a copy of key concepts and success criteria for the unit.

  To view the success criteria for the unit, click here.


For a copy of the Year 3 Calculation Booklet click here.